How Often Should I Check My Roof? RV Roof Maintenance

Periodic maintenance and cleaning of your RV is necessary to retain the dependability, safety and appearance that will provide you with many miles of trouble free operation, as well as protecting your investment.

     Inspection of roof components at least twice a year is very important in order to make sure seams and seals are not cracked or worn. Proper maintenance of seals is necessary to keep moisture from entering and causing severe damage such as rot, mold, or mildew. If you encounter drying, cracked, or weathered seals, make sure to reseal as necessary.

     It is especially important to check the seals before and after periods of extended storage or non-use. Fall and spring inspections are recommended. A mild household soap solution can be used to clean a rubber roof. Stubborn stains may require use of a scouring powder type cleanser.

Cleaning, maintenance and performing minor repairs regularly is important to keeping your RV roof healthy. Before walking on the surface of your RV roof, check your owner’s manual.
  • Metal roofs are primarily found on older RVs. For metal roofs, lay plywood strips or wide boards lengthwise to distribute weight
  • Newer RVs have rubber coated roofs, which usually have 3/16th to 1/2 inch plywood or particle board sheeting that will support your weight
  • Check shoes for abrasive materials that could damage the roof covering

Clean your roof regularly,at least 3-4 times a year, more often if you park under trees. This will prevent deterioration or staining from tree sap, bird droppings or algea and mold buldup. Regularly cleaning your roof will also reduce streaking of sidewalls.


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